Nickname: Shi-Shi

Ethnicity: Filipino/welsh

Role in RATED R:



"Hey everyone! I am a lover of dance and performing! I have been dancing since I was a child and have been teaching dance for about 10 years now! My number 1 goal when performing is making the audience enjoy watching it. What are your hobbies: obviously dance is number one on that list haha but all things creative arts. For instance, I grew up with a family that self taught playing musical instruments (mine mainly being piano and flute).

Fun fact about yourself: 

People tend to mistake me for a high schooler haha but I take that as a compliment


I’m a bit of a perfectionist which is a strength because it makes me work hard to do the best I can. My weakness is eating chips hehe

Dance Style/Abilities: 

I’m a hip hop girl!

What Inspires and Motivates me: 

The kids I work with inspire me to be better and God motivates me to keep going in life.

My Best Performance I've done:

Oo this is a hard one. One of my best performances was actually a contemporary piece performed at a girls beauty conference. The routine followed a girl (me) and as she grew up, all these bad influences came into her life until it was making her lose herself. It became too much and she broke free, looking at herself, knowing that she is beautiful the way God made her, and showing that to others. It was an amazing experience because there were mothers in the audience crying as they watched it.. I knew we made an impact.

What I bring to Rated+R: 


My Vision and where I see myself in RATED+R:

To take our passion to more places and performances with these amazing girls - guided by where God wants us to go/do

Where do I see myself in 5 years time:

I am a school teacher but I hope that my other gifts are taken to new heights in the near future