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RATED+R - Goes beyond just a name. Rated+R means Rated Reckless or Reckless Heels. When I thought of the name RATED+R for me it seemed daring, fierce and strong. I didn't want to be called "Reckless Heels" again. I found the name too long and not very catch. Reckless Heels as in (We recklessly dance in Heels) RATED+R stuck with me.

A lot of people are very sceptical when they see of hear the word RATED+R. When know in the word of law and policies in entertainment RATED+R means restricted or parental guidance. But in our world of dance RATED+R means "Rated Reckless" or +Reckless or the original name RECKLESS HEELS.

To be Reckless is taking risks and doing things outside of your comfort zone whether it may be, coming to practice every saturday, being a dynamic performer and pushing yourself into new heights. Dancing in Heels is an art form where we get to express ourselves and be beautiful, feminine, sexy and passionate about dancing and performing. RATED+R is a HEELS DANCE GROUP - We are a positive dance force to be reckoned with. We are not strippers or RISKĒ dancers. We are Hip hop dancers that take the name RATED+R to a level of strength, motivation and inspiration.

RATED+R goes beyond the name there is a bigger picture for RATED+R there is a vision. Rated+R or Reckless has a vision and the vision is to impact this community through dancer. Be confident in us and please do not associate RATED+R with strippers - we are not - the name RATED+R is daring, eye catching, but strong and we look fierce.

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