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Please do not abuse the Free Trial - Free trial is not available on Guest nights.

GUEST NIGHT IS $10 ENTRY for those who attend Heels 411 for the first time on a guest night. However, You can begin your FREE TRIAL before or after a Guest night as you will experience first hand HEELS 411 experience with a HEELS 411 Teacher.

In the booking section - there are clear options for you to choose from.

Please select the correct class that you wish to take and select the date.

Once you have completed your HEELS 411 FREE TRIAL - then your Casual and intensive classes are applied.

Guest night is not HEELS 411 and we respect the talent who come through and share their dance knowledge and expertise to our class - Guest night is a treat to HEELS 411 and not a Heels 411 experience - therefore FIRST TIME - FREE TRIAL does not apply on Guest night.

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