Nickname: CANDY or Miss Candy

Ethnicity: Maori/ Irish/ French

( My Great, Great -grandfather Jules George Wilson was a Frenchman from Bordeaux, France) hence why my last name is "Wilson"

Role in RATED R: The Rebel...


Hello! My Name is Candace aka Candy. I am the Founder and Dance teacher of HEELS 411 and the Main b%$#& and not the side Hoe of RATED+R Dance group Hahaha

I am super chill, a Jokester and a Princess - but I work hard!!

I have been dancing for a very long time. I use to be a street kid who use to dress up like TLC and roam the streets after school looking for spots to dance with my mates. When I was a kid I started going to church and joined the Youth Dance team - We did every dance style you can think of. I started my dance career in Church ministry, Travelled, toured, I would Perform, take dance workshops across NZ, help develop up and coming singers/ Artist and Dance groups. I just believe God gave me the gift to Dance and Perform. Although I took a 6 year hiatus - I will never stop dancing. Even in my 30's Im built for this... 

I am not much of a social person, I get bored easily and I love food. 

Dance saved my life and gives me purpose.


I love to draw Anime cartoons, Train at the gym and work on Rated R and Heels 411 projects.

Fun fact about myself:

Im kind've boy crazy, I can cook and I am well travelled.

Strength/Weakness: My Strength is I can believe, Lead and Motivate others. I am also an overcomer - My weakness is I am quick to doubt myself and somewhat insecure

Dance style and abilities:

FREESTYLE, Breakdance, Hip hop

Life Inspiration and Motivation: 

I have natural determination and drive and pure faith. Every time I hit that dance floor I give God all the glory

My best Performance I've done:

I have so many too much to remember, probably When we use to go into Schools and dance for the high school kids and all of them will come running up to me after telling me how inspired they were by my performance - but My favourite would be in 2016 I was chosen to represent New Zealand at a Beauty Pageant and I was one of the four chosen to perform a dance solo at the FINALS in Disneyland, Paris.

What I bring to Rated-R?

Leadership, Dance experience, Compassion, Motivation, Drive and Rebellion haha.

My vision and where I see myself in RATED+R:

I see myself pushing this Dance group into new heights. Doing community outreaches, concerts, shows, opening for celebrities, being in high demand, TV shows, photoshoots. Taking dance workshops on behalf of HEELS 411 and I can see RATED R and HEELS 411 expanding across Australia. But first let's build RATED+R Queensland.

Where do I see myself in 5 Years time:

I see myself being Married and a Mum. Living on the beach with my little family, running HEELS 411, RATED+R internationally and work casually at a

Fish 'n' Chip shop for fun.