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If you are new to dancing in heels, please make sure that you are comfortable walking and moving in them before wearing them in class. Choose a pair of heels that are thicker, lower and have ankle support.

Under NO circumstances are stiletto heels allowed on black vinyl areas.

** Sneakers are welcome**

Conditions of Entry

By entering HEELS 411 class - You agree to being filmed and photographed as part of the building of creative and promotional content for HEELS 411. Please notify Vicky if you would like to be excluded from scenes but know that we can either crop or edit you out. So rest assure you can enjoy the class like everyone else. 

I would recommend you show up to class 5 to 10 minutes before start time. Then, you have time to warm up, chat and put on knee bands if you need before class.

You enter at your own risk - You agree that you are of good health to participate and must remain vigilant when taking part in HEELS 411.

If you are unwell, headaches, fever, cold, runny nose etc please stay home. If in fact you feel an injury coming on please notify your dance instructor immediately -do not continue, REST, elevate the limb and Support the injury. Know that the Knee bands from HEELS 411 do offer some compression support.

Your personal information remains confidential and will not be given or lent out to other parties. 

Water only allowed in studio areas. Other food and drinks must only be consumed in tiled areas. Such as foyer, kitchenette and outside toilets.

**NOTE: Onsite Parking Available

  • Free trial for your first class at Heels 411. First time only.

    Wed1 hr

  • Wed1 hr
    15 Australian dollars
  • Take on the Heels challenge pay $80 for 6 x class (Not consecutive)

    Wed1 hr
    80 Australian dollars